Champion Frustration


Watching the Champions League this week was both exciting and extremely frustrating. Exciting because there was a lot of good football being played. The favorites were shocked to find the smaller teams were there to play. Playing at home didn’t really help, with the exception of Barca. Some spectacular goals scored and some major defensive mistakes happened that could have broken some teams backs. My Liverpool buddies were heart broken yesterday after Chelsea shocked them with a win none of us expected. So as always great drama in this tournament.

What frustrated me the most was watching Porto score those two away goals in Manchester. Man U couldn’t get anything going and were very lucky not to lose badly in that game. This got me to thinking what a wasted opportunity my beloved Inter had. If those two posts we hit had gone in, among the many other misses, and I would have been enjoying my team get one step closer to a tournament we haven’t been close to winning in 44 years now. 44 YEARS!

Inter has a team built like a tank with one of the best tacticians in the world yet they seem to have a mental block in this competition. The team is getting old and Mourinho has said he wants to start a new cycle. Transfer rumors are coming in hot and heavy these days so I’ll be looking into that soon.

Anyway… Just need to get that off my chest


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