Same Old, Same Old

I was at the Tahaluf nadwa last night which had its wonderful speakers as usual. I have to say I’m getting tired of all the National Unity movements, whether they be Tahaluf or Minbar, and the speeches they give. If everybody recycles as much as these people recycle their speeches Kuwait would be one the most environmentally friendly places in the world! All they have spoken about in the last three election campaigns is how bad the other groups are, how bad the government is and the lack of progress in this country. They keep complaining about the thieving and the looting going on all over the place and by the MP’s. We know this! We all see this! 

What I would like to see in the next seminar, or campaign speech is what is the liberal movement’s programme? Do we have an agenda? I would like to see our candidates whether it be Dr. Aseel, Saleh, Mr. Abduljader or Mr Niabari discuss the issues they will work on when they are elected into Parliament.

Things I would love to see mentioned:

  • Education: This is talked about all the time, but its kept at such a high level. No one talks about what the steps are to cure it. How will the curriculum be fixed? What needs to be taken out, and what needs to be put in?
  • Health: Same as education. It is only mentioned. How can Parliament get the ball rolling on this issue?
  • Privatization: 70% of Kuwait’s budget is spent on salaries! This is the most ridiculous statistic I’ve come across in my life. How can the country spend on major infrastructure projects if that much money is strangled by salaries. What are our candidates ideas regarding this?
  • Tax on foriegn companies: Kuwait is one of the least attractive places for a foreign company to invest in because of how high this tax is. When will it be adjusted? How will it be adjusted?
  • Traffic laws and accident rate: Does anyone ever mention the chaos we live in on a day to day basis. Driving to work is a nightmare for everyone. What can be done to fix this? Will anyone ever question the Minister of Interior as to why his police never enforce the basic laws of this country?
  • Environment and Alternative Energy: I really hope people do realize that oil will one day finish. What is the country’s next step? Why are we not investing in the renewable energy sector? We have so much wind and sunlight yet we do nothing to harness them! If we invest here we will be creating new jobs. Real jobs.
  • Sport: We are a laughing stock when it comes to this. I can’t even mention one player in our national team let alone the pathetic local league we have.

There are many other issues I’m sure that are just as important to this country of ours. We need to stop talking about them and start focusing on us. Seriously, I thought we learned something from the Obama campaign and how he discussed the issues and stayed away from the bickering. Let the next time one of us speaks it becomes of substance.


3 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old

  1. Great Job!
    Here are some issues that I think are important for the candidates should address:
    -Minimum wage for laborers, and that employers are fined for not paying wages on time.
    -also affordable health plans for expatriates who get payed peanuts.
    -rights for kids of Kuwaiti mothers
    thats what comes to my mind at the moment.

  2. I love the blog by the way, and I stumbled upon it by mistake, thanks for letting me know 😉
    I agree with Hussah, rights for kids of Kuwaiti mothers.
    Keep up the great work. Nice blog.

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