The Dangers of Apathy

Another year another election. This has become the sad state of things here in Kuwait. They just want people to give up on the system so they can say “see they don’t deserve democracy”. Well I am optimistic about the results this time. People are tired of what we have and change is brewing. It is time for something different.

My biggest concern will be with how many people will skip the voting booth. The people who’ll give up their right to vote. The past few years I’ve come across a lot of apathy when it comes to our democratic process. These people who say that their vote wont make a difference, or that Parliament should be permanently dissolved, or worse yet that we should have a one man show as in Dubai. This line of thinking is extremely dangerous and its a shame that people do not appreciate this. Without a Parliament and a Constitution we have no rights, and no one to protect these rights. 

I think its important to discuss the main points that uninterested people always throw in the faces of us who care about bettering this fine nation of ours. This country has so much potential if every one does there bit.

Why should I vote, they are always the same people who get in anyway – or – They are going to dissolve it anyway.

The problem with this argument is that Kuwait is such a small country that the margin between winning a Parliamentary seat and losing is minimal. In many instances around 100 votes makes a difference! What is terrible is that if we don’t vote the Islamist and Tribal blocks will vote, and they will get their candidates in, and that’s how we get more of the same. When they do get their candidates in, that’s when we get the problems we have… problems with the government, and people trying to make names for themselves, and Parliament gets dissolved. The cycle will continue unless we liberals get our shit together and go vote! Voting is the only way we can change things.

Look at Dubai, One Man One Decision.

What people don’t understand is that with out a Parliament over looking the ruler there are no checks and balances. The ruler will be free to do what he wants when he wants.  It was because of Parliament that we see the benefits of the Oil wealth. It was Parliament that gave us Social Security that looks after our future. These are the two most basic examples of rights we would not have were it for the great people who had the vision and integrity to worry about all Kuwaitis. If we do not have this Parliament our rights might not be here. Not everyone is like Dubai and wants to put himself on the map. We would all be at the whims of one man and what he feels like. Now look at our government and tell me how secure you’d be without this entity looking out for you. Now imagine getting arrested in that scenario.

We are at a cross roads in this country and the only way forward is to get a strong and competent Parliament to move us forward. GO VOTE!!


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