It was the best of times, It was the worst of times.

Football transfer season is upon us and I have mixed feelings about what Inter is doing this summer. Obviously until the market officially opens and you see the news on the official website you never know what is happening. My concerns with the direction Inter is taking this summer is that right after the champions league elimination Mourinho said that he wants a younger, more Italian Inter. From what we’ve seen so far this isn’t happening. We might be getting younger by getting rid of the few elder statesmen of the team, but the Italian part is yet to happen. The other big issue was the horrible two weeks in which there were rumblings that Ibrahimovic and Maicon were going to leave us. That seems to have been settled now, thankfully, especially since Moratti set their prices so high that other teams backed off.


militoThere are two sure signing that will be announced very shortly and no one can complain about their quality. Diego Milito has been officially signed by Inter. He had a fantastic season at Genoa, scoring 24 goals in the league. Partnering him with Ibrahimovic is going to be fun to watch. Each player is going to open things up for the other and both can have great opportunities to score a plenty. My only concern with this deal is that we give up one of my favorite up and coming Italian forwards in Robert Aquafresca. We gave up a 21 year old player who just starred in the European Under 21 Championship for, albeit a great center forward, a 30 year old. I personally would have liked Inter to give youth a chance. I know we will see Aquafresca shine in the years to come and I will be regretting it like I’ve regretted Pirlo, Mutu, Pendev and many others just like them.

The second guaranteed signing is Thiago Motta. He has had a fantastic season playing for Genoa as well, and at 26 is just hitting his prime. He will add much needed creativity to the Inter midfield. Last season in a lot of games watching Inter you would see them lost for ideas against teams that would sit back. Hopefully he’ll be able to help in that department. Motta has won a Champions League with with Barcelona in the 2005-2006 season only to tear his knee ligament the next season. After his recovery he was sold to Atletico Madrid only to have his contract tore up the following season. Rumor has it that last summer he sat with the Genoa president and told him just give me a chance and before the season is over the big clubs will be throwing money at you to sign me. What a prediction! What balls!

arnautovicAnother player thats pretty much on the way in is Marko Arnautovic. He looks like a great prospect from what I’ve read and seen on youtube. Austrian from Bosnian decent, plays as a forward and a wide player, is being compared to Ibrahimovic. He recently had a fracture in his foot and that has delayed the deal, but his medical went well and he should be ready for the start of the season. Exciting player.

Could be Incoming

Before the summer was even here the list of players associated with Inter was crazy. The names mentioned would make any football fan just drool at the prospect of having names in their team; Aguerro, Benzema, Ribery, Hamsik, Villa, D’Agostino, Eto’o, Diego, etc etc. In reality the names that seem to be close to joining are somewhat of a head scratch: Racardo Carvalho and Deco. Carvalho is coming from a injury plagued season and although on his day is a World class central defender is he really much better than what we have? Wouldn’t promoting a youngster, or never having not sold Andreolli been a much better idea?

Deco was one of the best play makers in professional football, but he is 32 and coming from a very disappointing season. The excuse being given is that he will be a one year solution before we bring over Coutinho from Brazil, then he will baby sit him until he starts. I don’t really know whats happening in this situation. I’m going to have a wait and see approach on this one.

diamantiThe number 10 that I want, and it seems the fans are hoping for, is Alessandro Diamanti. Italian, 26, and ready for that big leap in quality. Inter hasn’t had a proper number 10 since Roberto Baggio and I think its time we got one. He will make a difference and is flexible enough to play in lots of different formations. I hope Mourinho skips the Deco idea and goes for this guy.


In order to make room for all these players and bring the the overall average age of the squad down a big list of players are on the way out. Already gone is Figo (36) who’s decided to hang it up after a fantastic career. He gave us four fantastic years and will be moving upstairs in a branding role for the club. Crespo (33) has also gone after his contract was not renewed and has signed for Genoa. Julio Cruz (34) was also not given a new contract and is now a free agent looking for a club. He’ll be very help full to a club as he is a pure finisher and a classy guy. Luis Jiminez was loaned out to West Ham as he was told he wont have space next season with the squad. Viera (33) was told he is no longer in the plans of the club and could be moving back to France. He was injured so much and his priority has always been the national team, and so he needs a club that will play him consistently in view of the World Cup next summer. Others on the way out are Mancini, Rivas, Obinna, and maybe Burdisso.

Mourinho has asked the club to finalize all their dealings by the time the pre-season retreat begins on July 12. So soon enough we’ll know how the team will look like. As always I’m very excited about our chances next year.

Forza Inter


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