32 years old

So today is my 32 birthday! A year older and still waiting on life to start I guess. This year will be different though. I will begin to live my life instead of waiting for it to happen. All these dreams and ideas in my head will have to become a reality. I will stop settling for this un-fulfilling job that I have and will use the time to either find a real job with a career in view or just finally take the risk and do my own thing. This is the age where risks can be taken as there are no kids to slow me down. Well just the kid inside my head that is! Oh, and its time to really start putting money away.

My fear though is that I will never get to that ultimate dream of working in a professional football club. I need to somehow make tons of money in order to buy a club and live happily ever after. My question is how to get there because getting a job in one of those clubs is very difficult. So basically one of my business ideas that’s bouncing around in my head needs to become the next google.

In general though I live a very happy life. I still feel young, and still have those great looks 😉 I’m in love with a girl that believes in me more than I believe in my self. I have a great family filled with love and talent. So all in all I’m very thankfull for the life I have.

I hope I can make this year the best I’ve lived so far.


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