Eto’o – Ibrahimovic Swap

Smiles All Around

Smiles All Around

Now that the dust has finally settled on the Eto’o – Ibra switch I can finally breathe and get back to a normal sleeping pattern. Maybe now I wont have to check the Internet every 10 minutes for news and breaking news, rumors and speculation. Although there is that matter of a fantasista that Inter is still looking for so I will be still addicted to the net for a little while longer.

In terms of a business deal I have to congratulate Inter for what they did. Eto’o plus 46 million Euros for Zlatan is just good business. They didn’t lose much on age, and they get a guy who scores tons of goals, and goals in the biggest of games. To get that much cash on top of that is just fantastic, this coming from a club who gave away Cannavaro to Juventus for a backup goal keeper. The same club who traded away Seedorf and Pirlo for nobodies and had nothing to show for it. Who decided including Stephane Dalmat (remember him?) into negotiations for Alessandro Nesta was a deal breaker only to see him move to AC Milan. So this is really good business on Inter’s part.

Bit soon to be kissing badges

Bit soon to be kissing badges

As a fan though it was very stressful as I am a huge Ibra fan. He is one of the most fun players to watch. All his goals are spectacular, never tap-ins. Great passing, flicks and touches. He truly is magical. I also was his biggest defender when the big game argument showed up, because even though he didn’t always score in those games, he did give assists and open up space for the other guys. Recently though I ran into an article that listed the teams Zlatan has scored against and his performances in the Champions League and I guess there is truth to the argument. I will link to it when I find it again. My biggest problem with him though was he was never into the whole team concept. All his transfers were about whats best for him. He was never going to be with us forever and I’m just glad I saw his magic in our Black and Blue for a while. All I know is I’m gonna have to watch a lot more Barca games this season.

So now we have a new player to support. A pure number 9! This is a guy who scores so many goals and on the biggest stage all the time. Two goals in two Champions League finals. Its rumored that in contract negotiations when they were trying to figure out his goal bonus he told the club that he gets paid for his goals, and that his bonus should be for every Champions League they win. That won over the entire negotiation team and the rest was much easier to navigate.

I’m very excited about this new Inter. We have an extra 46 million to find a play-maker, and more will come in after we sell the unwanted guys (Rivas, Viera, Mancini, Burdisso, Obinna). We already got some great players this transfer market. It should make for some excellent football.

Forza Inter!


3 thoughts on “Eto’o – Ibrahimovic Swap

  1. Great article Mohi! The pic of Ibra kissing the Barca jersey almost made me barf though. Oh well, I guess you’re right, Inter was not going to be able to keep him forever. The deal is definitely worth it; to the point that you can’t hate either player or team for going through with it.

    • Thing about Ibra is that he is so desperate to win the Golden Ball that all his moves are based on that. Mourinho though said it best: Winning the champions league with Inter will be something special. If Barca win the champions it wont be because of Ibra, but because they are built to win it to begin with.

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