Driving in Kuwait Rant

Raise your hands if a week goes by and you don’t see at least 2 car accidents? This has gotten beyond ridiculous in this small country of ours. When will the authorities decide to finally do something about it. People have gone crazy driving over here. The police never enforce anything anymore. Everyone thinks they own the road all the time, and God forbid you don’t move out of their way fast enough. What is worse than that is you are being respectful and standing at the traffic light and some nut job decides they are too good to stand in line and comes around to get closer to the front.

A few weeks ago they grilled the Minister of Interior about the most mundane issues, and one of the most important being the high rate of car deaths in this country wasn’t even mentioned. We have one of the highest per capita deaths from car accidents and most are very young people. What can be done to fix this? When will there be a real plan to curb this issue?


2 thoughts on “Driving in Kuwait Rant

  1. it’s just ridiculous! all the young frustrated kids who do nothing but drive around all day think they own the road. to make it even worse, the cops just sit around at each traffic light doing jack! unfortunately, i don’t see anything being done about this in the near future… we’re slowly turning into egypt and beirut with our disrespect for traffic laws. i wish parliament would do something about this issue soon as we need to respect the safety of others.

  2. Yesterday i saw a crazy accident. A patrol was balanced on the concrete divider on Fahaheel expressway, and two other sedans on both sides of the highway, which I assume were part of the same accident. I took a picture of the Patrol with my holga, hope it comes out not blurry because I was trying to drive and take the picture at the same time.

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