Quick Hits

Here are a couple of items I came across and are on my mind:

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

It turns out that the horrific wedding fire in Jahra was the work of arson. The ex-wife of the groom decided the best way to get revenge is to pour gasoline on a tent full of people and light it. She has confessed to the crime but what was she thinking. This is one of the worst tragedies to hit this small nation of ours. 41 people died because of a single person’s act of jealousy.

Dollar notes show traces of cocaine

According to a study done at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth nine out of 10 dollar bills have traces of cocaine on them. In D.C. that number rises to 95% of notes! The drug shows up when people use the notes to snort or when drug deals are being conducted. Now we all know that drug use is pretty common but for this percentage of bills to have drugs on them is insane. Some people are saying the use of cocaine has risen with the financial crisis to relieve stress and help people who are struggling cope. I say if you have financial problems spending whats left of your money on drugs might not be the smartest idea.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt decided for the first time in his short career to finish a race and the result was a new eye popping world record of 9.58 seconds!! This man has changed all projections of what the human body can do. He is at least 30 years ahead of his time. The scary part is that he is 22 years old which is not even close to his prime as an athlete, and he looks like he can still run faster. Amazing!!


One thought on “Quick Hits

  1. FP!

    You know what one witness said about the wedding?

    I the jealous ex-wife probably wanted to scare them but did not think her plan through. So many Bedouin comments come to mind right now.

    The increase in use of 10 dollar notes is because of the recession, before the recession it used to be 100 dollar notes.

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