Calcio Is Back!

mourinhoFinally! The season is about to begin. It has been a long summer full of rumor, intrigue, and your usual Mourinho attack. I am personally very excited about this new season and the new Inter squad. This is probably the best transfer campaign I’ve witnessed since becoming a fan of the nerazzurri and we still might get Wesley Schneider on top of that. Inter this season has enough quality to play in many formations but the base of it all will be the 4-3-1-2. This is becoming the defacto formation for Serie A and is beginning to spread around Europe as Ancelotti has taken it to Chelsea with him. I’ll be talking about tactics in my next entry.

There is a lot to look forward to this first week of the season but first the projected starting line up based on most of the publications I’ve seen:

Julio Cesar

Maicon          Lucio          Chivu          Zanetti

Muntari          Viera          Motta


Milito          Eto’o

I personally would like to see Santon make that left back position his own, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing him enter the game at some point with Zanetti moving up the pitch. Balotelli will definitely be making an appearance at some point in the game as well. It is also a shame about Cambiasso missing out for five weeks as he is the heart of the team. The on-field coach. Thankfully we have Dejan and Viera to cover for now.

What to look for:

  • System and style of play. Since Ibra left so has the “give the ball to Zlatan and lets see what happens” tactic of the last three years. Here’s hoping for a more fluid attacking play.
  • Eto’o-Milito partnership. These two can score an insane amount of goals this season but they have only been practising together for a few weeks. Have they gelled?
  • Lucio. The Brazilian captain should bring a different style of defender to our team. Him and Chivu are both really good with the ball and will bring that defensive line up a lot further on the pitch.

I’m also very curious to see the other games of the opening weekend. The new look Juve and the two excellent Brazilians they got. Genoa, Napoli, Palermo. These three teams have improved dramatically and will be looking for Champions League spots. Roma and Lazio are both ready to get back to the top. AC Milan won yesterday and looked good for the most part. Pato is a stud.

This is a big year for Calcio and I can’t contain my excitement.

Forza Inter!


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