district9_wallpaper01_1024x768During my recent trip to the States I was lucky enough to check out District 9. I will not be adding anything new here when I say it’s probably the smartest Sci-Fi movie to come out in the longest time. The director Neil Blomkamp has been recently taken under the wing of Peter Jackson, and was supposed to direct the Halo movie. Once that project was buried he decided to pursue District 9 and thankfully he did. The special effects are top notch considering they came from the studio that did all of the Lord of the Rings and King Kong movies. The basic premise is that an alien spaceship mysteriously lands on top of Johannesburg for no apparent reason. The South African Government decides to place all the insect like aliens in a shanty town separate from the Human population. The residents of Joburg really dont want the Aliens there and start apartheid style segregation, while continuously looking to move them further out-of-town. Obviously there are sinister elements at play here and lots of chaos ensues. The pace of the story is exciting and the filming switches between documentary style and film. It is a must see!

Secondly I have to plug Batman: Arkham Asylum.batman If you own a console you have to buy this game if you havent already and you might have since they’ve sold two million copies. I just finished the game yesterday and it was truly a fantastic experience. You will find your self lost in the wonderful environment of Arkham. So much detail has been taken to make the world around you be one of the main protagonist of this game. It is also the first game to give Batman the justice he deserves in terms of gameplay, story and action. You’ll enjoy beating the crap out of Jokers henchmen, sneaking around and knocking them out unsuspectingly. Since you’ll be at Arkham there are lots of appearances from some of the comics favorite characters. If you need more convincing just check out what most of the gaming reviewers had to say.

Finally, if you havent been watching Mad Men what the hell are you waiting for? This is by far the best thing on TV right now! Best show since the Sporanos. The writing and acting is fantastic. There are so many layers to all these rich characters you cannot get enough of them. This third season has been excellent in every facet. Don Draper is still the coolest man on the screen. Never has an asshole been so loved. Trust me and make sure you are caught up.



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  1. the croc scene in batman was very well made, and even better the scare crow segments. I have to say with the metaphors and visual effects they used in the Scarecrow segments of the game Rocksteady Studio have stepped into the right direction into bringing games into art. For a mainstream game at least.

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