Quick Entry

I have to admit I’ve been so lazy with the blog, but its been kinda busy for me lately. Well, I’ve been keeping myself busy. Here is a quick entry.

Gabriele Marcotti writes about what it means now that Roberto Mancini is a free agent. What I like about Marcotti is that he isn’t knee jerk like a lot of the football writers out there. Here he gives great analysis as to how Mancini can affect the footballing landscape. Mancini is a good coach, and was really good with Inter. He managed a lot of big egos, he knows how to manage a league competition, and he’s done well with struggling teams before coming to Inter. Whoever gets him is going to be pleasantly surprised. Those who point to his Champions League record need to know all the factors that led to all those exits. It wasn’t all on him.

Speaking of Inter i really hope we stop this Jekyll and Hyde difference in form when we face Kiev tomorrow. Is a win too much to ask for? Please?

And now for a few laughs via Hussah:

See you all soon.


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