Must See TV

Now that Mad Men season three is over I must bow down to that show. What a spectacular work of art this season was. They tied it up so nicely to end the season and give us so much to look forward to. God bless you Mr. Weiner. Everything about the show is so well thought out and planned. The writing and directing always impeccable.

Now that it’s over I’m going to need to find myself other things to watch. Here is a quick run down of whats out there that I do recommend.

Bored to Death is a very funny show. It has a very well assembled cast that fit perfectly with the writing of the show. It is based in Brooklyn which has a special place in my heart since my bebe lives there. The season is over as well so it’ll give you guys a chance to watch it in one go 😉
Obviously 30 Rock needs no introduction from me. Tina Fey is a genius who somehow has written an even funnier season than the last three. It is the only show that I really laugh out loud every time I watch it.
Our lovable serial killer Dexter is back. He is still going strong and is very unpredictable, however the writers do not know how to write romance! Plus we really don’t need these side love stories. I was slightly getting annoyed with the show till last weeks episode when the surprised us yet again. So they have my full attention.
I dunno about Californication this year. The main guy is even more obnoxious than ever. I’ve only seen the first two episodes. I’ll watch them all later when the season completes. Doubt I’m missing much.
I started V , the remake of the 80’s classic, and I’m not ready to recommend it yet. We’ll see in a few weeks.
Finally, I just saw the pilot of The Prisoner. I am Interested for sure. Still gauging how interested though. Has potential.

Well thats it from me.

Update: I forgot to mention Modern Family. Hilarious!


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