Did You Know?

In 1950 Kuwait became the seventh country in the world to give its citizens universal health care? I was shocked and surprised to read this. Something to definitely be proud of even though the current situation isn’t.

Norway, since 1912, Single Payer
New Zealand, since 1938, Two Tier
Japan, since 1938, Single Payer
Germany, since 1941, Insurance Mandate
Belgium, since 1945, Insurance Mandate
United Kingdom, since 1948, Single Payer
Kuwait, since 1950, Single Payer
Sweden, since 1955, Single Payer
Bahrain, since 1957, Single Payer
Brunei, since 1958, Single Payer

Apparently the United States is the only country that does not provide its citizens what every other country does! And if Republicans have their way it wont. Shameful.

In other did you know news, below you will find the real reason Berlusconi was attacked. Enjoy

Real Reason Silvio Got Attacked


2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. 1st part: makes me sad to see how on-track we were back then… today we are nothing short of disaster

    2nd part: Hilarious!

    Obama: “Yo Chucky, that Berlisconi cat be sizin’ up my MIchelle, bust his face open”
    Chuck Norris: “I’m on it Mr. President” (cheesy action music in the background)

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