Geek Entry v2.0

So I’ve been working on the apartment recently since the misses and I got hitched. Since then I cannot watch a show, movie, or magazine without looking at the background for inspirational ideas. A person can learn a lot from this experience about a whole lotta things. We definitely felt overwhelmed when we first started but quickly got our feet on the ground and figured stuff out.

Now obviously a person who likes his gadgets as myself this process has made me look into all the essentials.


Obviously the center console will be the most important purchase for the newly designed apartment. The above McIntosh MX150 is one sexy beast, however it costs $12000. Gift ideas anyone ;). Obviously this is way out of budget and so I’m looking into alternatives that can be bought locally and are much cheaper. Hence my checking out Marantz, Denon, Bose, and Rotel. If anyone can recommend a speaker brand also it would help out a lot.

I’m also looking into replacing my Terastation with something smarter that can directly download my torrents and NZB files. Found some interesting  products out there but haven’t been able to settle on one.

Fun times!


2 thoughts on “Geek Entry v2.0

  1. I’ve grown to love Definitive Technology speakers. Affordable (to a certain degree) with high quality sound output.

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