Paper Work

So after a long hiatus I’ve come back. In this period a lot of things have happened that will be talked about here. I intend to be a lot more disciplined with the blog from now on.

The most important of these is that I got married. I am so happy that I cannot give this joy justice with my writing skills but I will say that I truly got lucky.

This being Kuwait there is a insane amount of paper work to be done, and the video above is a exact representation of what I’ve been going through since that happiest of days.



Hey all I thought I needed to write something just so I could get back into the habit of writing. I’ve been neglecting my poor blog lately, for no apparent reason might I add, so I’ve decided to force myself to write today.

  • I’ve changed the look and feel of the blog. I just found this new layout and decided to go with it. Though I don’t like the fact that I can only put my widgets on the top (which as you can see ends up cutting them off prematurely). If anyone knows how to properly use html and wants to hook me up with a solution please contact me. Oh, and let me know if you like this format or the old one.
  • There are a couple of seminar’s coming up to discuss the way in which Kuwait is losing all its freedoms, and its progression to the extreme right. Tonight‘s seminar is titled  Censorship Protects Ignorance. Tomorrow’s will be talking about the new Fatwa from the Awqaf Ministry on the Veil (head scarf) and what the Parliamentary committee deems appropriate behavior for our nation. Like I’ve said many times before we are the only democracy that reduces freedoms instead of increasing them!
  • In my gang there has been a big debate lately about how to move forward in the very important issue of FIFA 10 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. It’s a tough question since both games have their positive and their negatives. Game play, graphics, league set up and many more is being discussed. Now normally you would say let each person pick what ever game they like. However, when you need to play against each other there needs to be consensus for such issue. I’m still not sure which way to go as I havent played either yet. So stay tuned for the important update regarding this pressing issue.
  • There is a new show on HBO that is a lot of fun to watch: Bored to Death. It is very funny. I think we can all relate to wanting something exciting in our mundane lives.
  • Mad Men is amazing!

Well thanks for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings today.

Cool Link

Found this really cool site to help you out in times of need during the movie. This site gives you the exact times you can run out of the movie theater and have a quick bathroom break without losing the plot. Obviously this wont work in Kuwait since our fine Ministry of Information has its own ideas on how movies should be.

Cupcake Bubble

This is from one of my favorite writers, Gregg Easterbrook.

“Tech start-ups were a bubble, the housing market was a bubble; most likely there’s a gold bubble in progress, and when the gold bubble bursts, everyone will claim to have known it all along! The bubble to worry about is the cupcake bubble: all those fancy cupcake bakeries suddenly in New York, Boston, Washington, San Francisco and Seattle, offering $5 cupcakes hard to distinguish from supermarket cupcakes. It’s a bubble: Capital is flowing into the opening of cupcake boutiques because, right now, consumers are willing to pay a premium for a sweet that is inexpensive to bake. As with other bubbles, this one is based on exaggerated claims and assumptions that can’t last. In 2009, for whatever reason, people will stand in line to fork over $5 for a cupcake that masquerades as “red velvet” or “pink lemonade.” Odds people will continue to do this long-term? 0.0 percent. Anyone opening a fancy cupcake bakery is jumping into the downside of a bubble. Don’t say you weren’t warned.”

This article makes me think of how private business in Kuwait seems to go in phases. First it was the advertising agencies. Then is was the fashion designers followed by the burger stores. Now its the Cupcake and baked good fad. i wonder what we’ll see next.

Driving in Kuwait Rant

Raise your hands if a week goes by and you don’t see at least 2 car accidents? This has gotten beyond ridiculous in this small country of ours. When will the authorities decide to finally do something about it. People have gone crazy driving over here. The police never enforce anything anymore. Everyone thinks they own the road all the time, and God forbid you don’t move out of their way fast enough. What is worse than that is you are being respectful and standing at the traffic light and some nut job decides they are too good to stand in line and comes around to get closer to the front.

A few weeks ago they grilled the Minister of Interior about the most mundane issues, and one of the most important being the high rate of car deaths in this country wasn’t even mentioned. We have one of the highest per capita deaths from car accidents and most are very young people. What can be done to fix this? When will there be a real plan to curb this issue?

Geek Entry V1.0

Few thoughts:

So I just renewed my Internet connection to 2Mb. Now anyone living in the western world that would be like an average speed one would pay a reasonable amount for. Not here though. After doing my research I found that my current provider is the cheapest at this speed and I will be paying KWD192 for the year. That’s $667. $55/month.  Shocked at those prices I decided to do a little research and see what people are paying in the States and found that for 7Mb with Verizon people pay $40/month and for 6Mb at ATT you pay $35/month. In Japan very soon they will be getting 160Mb and its only going to cost J-Com $20 to install per home. Damn!! Here I’m a superstar for getting 2Mb

I’ve been playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood on the Playstation lately and I have to admit I love it. As a kid I used to love western movies and even now I loved movies like 3:10 to Yuma, so when I got this game I was very excited about it. Thankfully its been living up to the expectation. The game play is a lot of fun, the story line and dialogue are great at keeping you interested and in their cheesiness. Lots of gun fights, and the boss fights include quick draws. I highly recommend it.

There are a few other games coming out this fall that you need to look out for

Finally its no secret that I’ve been pining for a Sony Bravia for a long time now. The problem is now there is a new technology in the LCD market called LED giving us these super slim TVs. Whats a man to do with all these options? Can’t buy a TV now and have it be outdated too quickly. Does one wait for LED to be the norm? Advice!!

Kuwait’s Budget

So Kuwait’s Parliament voted to approve the Government’s budget. A budget that had no plan of action attached to it. Within said budget KWD6 billion was allocated to salaries!!! That is the equivalent to USD 20.88 billion. This is for a population of barely one million locals. I find that beyond ridiculous.

Also it seems that the council of ministers is going to amend the employment law to add an unemployment clause. In this clause they will give all laid-off Kuwaitis KWD500 per month for a year, plus their social allowance. This sounds tempting enough to get my self laid off and travel the world for a year. I might just do that.