Are Video Games Replacing Movies?

I am blown away after seeing the below trailer. WOW! It is so well made. The music, voice acting and editing is all top-notch. These days so much money and time is being spent on games that they are extremely fulfilling. The industry makes more than movies already is it just a matter of time that it takes over? Or are they gonna somehow combine? I doubt it will ever replace it, but the Video Game business is definitely going to give movies a run for their money.

Enjoy. Make sure to click the HD button to get the full awesomeness.



Hey all I thought I needed to write something just so I could get back into the habit of writing. I’ve been neglecting my poor blog lately, for no apparent reason might I add, so I’ve decided to force myself to write today.

  • I’ve changed the look and feel of the blog. I just found this new layout and decided to go with it. Though I don’t like the fact that I can only put my widgets on the top (which as you can see ends up cutting them off prematurely). If anyone knows how to properly use html and wants to hook me up with a solution please contact me. Oh, and let me know if you like this format or the old one.
  • There are a couple of seminar’s coming up to discuss the way in which Kuwait is losing all its freedoms, and its progression to the extreme right. Tonight‘s seminar is titled  Censorship Protects Ignorance. Tomorrow’s will be talking about the new Fatwa from the Awqaf Ministry on the Veil (head scarf) and what the Parliamentary committee deems appropriate behavior for our nation. Like I’ve said many times before we are the only democracy that reduces freedoms instead of increasing them!
  • In my gang there has been a big debate lately about how to move forward in the very important issue of FIFA 10 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. It’s a tough question since both games have their positive and their negatives. Game play, graphics, league set up and many more is being discussed. Now normally you would say let each person pick what ever game they like. However, when you need to play against each other there needs to be consensus for such issue. I’m still not sure which way to go as I havent played either yet. So stay tuned for the important update regarding this pressing issue.
  • There is a new show on HBO that is a lot of fun to watch: Bored to Death. It is very funny. I think we can all relate to wanting something exciting in our mundane lives.
  • Mad Men is amazing!

Well thanks for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings today.


district9_wallpaper01_1024x768During my recent trip to the States I was lucky enough to check out District 9. I will not be adding anything new here when I say it’s probably the smartest Sci-Fi movie to come out in the longest time. The director Neil Blomkamp has been recently taken under the wing of Peter Jackson, and was supposed to direct the Halo movie. Once that project was buried he decided to pursue District 9 and thankfully he did. The special effects are top notch considering they came from the studio that did all of the Lord of the Rings and King Kong movies. The basic premise is that an alien spaceship mysteriously lands on top of Johannesburg for no apparent reason. The South African Government decides to place all the insect like aliens in a shanty town separate from the Human population. The residents of Joburg really dont want the Aliens there and start apartheid style segregation, while continuously looking to move them further out-of-town. Obviously there are sinister elements at play here and lots of chaos ensues. The pace of the story is exciting and the filming switches between documentary style and film. It is a must see!

Secondly I have to plug Batman: Arkham Asylum.batman If you own a console you have to buy this game if you havent already and you might have since they’ve sold two million copies. I just finished the game yesterday and it was truly a fantastic experience. You will find your self lost in the wonderful environment of Arkham. So much detail has been taken to make the world around you be one of the main protagonist of this game. It is also the first game to give Batman the justice he deserves in terms of gameplay, story and action. You’ll enjoy beating the crap out of Jokers henchmen, sneaking around and knocking them out unsuspectingly. Since you’ll be at Arkham there are lots of appearances from some of the comics favorite characters. If you need more convincing just check out what most of the gaming reviewers had to say.

Finally, if you havent been watching Mad Men what the hell are you waiting for? This is by far the best thing on TV right now! Best show since the Sporanos. The writing and acting is fantastic. There are so many layers to all these rich characters you cannot get enough of them. This third season has been excellent in every facet. Don Draper is still the coolest man on the screen. Never has an asshole been so loved. Trust me and make sure you are caught up.


Geek Entry V1.0

Few thoughts:

So I just renewed my Internet connection to 2Mb. Now anyone living in the western world that would be like an average speed one would pay a reasonable amount for. Not here though. After doing my research I found that my current provider is the cheapest at this speed and I will be paying KWD192 for the year. That’s $667. $55/month.  Shocked at those prices I decided to do a little research and see what people are paying in the States and found that for 7Mb with Verizon people pay $40/month and for 6Mb at ATT you pay $35/month. In Japan very soon they will be getting 160Mb and its only going to cost J-Com $20 to install per home. Damn!! Here I’m a superstar for getting 2Mb

I’ve been playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood on the Playstation lately and I have to admit I love it. As a kid I used to love western movies and even now I loved movies like 3:10 to Yuma, so when I got this game I was very excited about it. Thankfully its been living up to the expectation. The game play is a lot of fun, the story line and dialogue are great at keeping you interested and in their cheesiness. Lots of gun fights, and the boss fights include quick draws. I highly recommend it.

There are a few other games coming out this fall that you need to look out for

Finally its no secret that I’ve been pining for a Sony Bravia for a long time now. The problem is now there is a new technology in the LCD market called LED giving us these super slim TVs. Whats a man to do with all these options? Can’t buy a TV now and have it be outdated too quickly. Does one wait for LED to be the norm? Advice!!