Reviewing The New Shows


Now that I’ve spent all last week basically doing nothing but watching shows I think its time to throw out some grades. These are all based on my opinion and you have to know that I am a TV and Movie snob. I have to say that I was very excited about a few of the shows that ended up being very disappointing, while others turned out as interesting surprises. Best thing about this “mission” is that with the new TV I was downloading everything in HD. It was glorious! Let’s break it down shall we.

The Must See:

In this past week I watched 15 new show pilots and there were only two that deserve being in this category. By far the best new show this year is the excellent Boardwalk Empire directed by Martin Scorsese. You could tell he directed it from the set detail, to the camera shots. The music was just right, and the blood was flowing. The cast in this show is top-notch and the first episode introduced them well enough to get me completely hooked. Plus showing how the New York/Chicago conflict starts from the first episodes sets up the rest of the season perfectly. Basically if you had to pick one new show to follow don’t hesitate to pick this one.

The only other show that was worth following is the new show by Greg Garcia, Raising Hope. Garcia is the creator of My Name is Earl and you could tell that by watching this show. It’s really funny from the get go and it keeps you laughing through out. Cast is mostly no name, but they put in a great first episode. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

One More Episode Just to Make Sure:

These next four shows need another episode or two to properly judge if they have potential. They aren’t wow, but they aren’t stinkers either. I will definitely give Running Wilde a shot just because it’s a descendant of Arrested Development and the characters are insane. Will Arnet and his Arab neighbor are hilarious together, however Keri Russel isn’t funny. She doesn’t fit in my opinion.

My Generation was a good experience in that it really brought back the year 2000 vividly. A show about a group of friends 10 years after high school graduation and how their life is shaping up. I liked the cast and the documentary style directing. Recommended.

Another documentary style show that surprised me is Detroit 1-8-7. It was the lowest on the radar when it came to all the new Cop/Detective shows I had listed to watch. Micheal Imperioli carries the show, and the rest of the cast plays well of off him. They give you just enough of his background to let you know why he is the way he is to keep you interested.

Finally in this section Terriers is maybe worth giving a shot. The problem with this show is that it doesn’t know if it’s a comedy or not. It stars Donal Logue so it should capitalize on his sense of humor, but it kept trying being serious at the same time. I want this show to be good for some reason and so I will give it another few episodes, if it lasts that long.

Don’t Bother:

Here I will go quick fire review for the remaining shows:

  • The Event: Cast terrible. Acting Horrible. Surprise at end intriguing but not enough to keep watching. Disappointing!
  • Undercovers: Cheesy! Painful.
  • Hawaii Five-0: I really wanted this to at least be fun.No chemistry between the leading men. Main character (Alex O’Loughlin) is stiff as a rock and has zero charisma.
  • Chase: Couldn’t get past 10 minutes. We actually were laughing when we weren’t supposed to.
  • Hellcats: Oh so bad. Alyson Michalka is taking herself way too seriously in this role. It really was awful.
  • No ordinary Family: The got the formula so wrong. It should have been a comedy, but they went serious and ended up being lame.
  • Blue Bloods: It could be good, but at its best it’s another CSI/Law and Order in terms of quality. Not better.

Well I hope this saves you all a lot of time and effort. Enjoy!