My New Toy

Thanks Sis

As a movie Nazi buying a TV is one of the most important decisions I had to make while remodeling the apartment. After all the work done to the place and the dust has settled it was finally time for the fun to begin. So being the geek that I am I went crazy with the research that finally led me to my TV. I went and looked at the all the big boys. Read all the reviews, features etc, etc, etc. Now I am the proud owner of one of the best TV‘s available.

Movie nights here I come!


Geek Entry V1.0

Few thoughts:

So I just renewed my Internet connection to 2Mb. Now anyone living in the western world that would be like an average speed one would pay a reasonable amount for. Not here though. After doing my research I found that my current provider is the cheapest at this speed and I will be paying KWD192 for the year. That’s $667. $55/month.  Shocked at those prices I decided to do a little research and see what people are paying in the States and found that for 7Mb with Verizon people pay $40/month and for 6Mb at ATT you pay $35/month. In Japan very soon they will be getting 160Mb and its only going to cost J-Com $20 to install per home. Damn!! Here I’m a superstar for getting 2Mb

I’ve been playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood on the Playstation lately and I have to admit I love it. As a kid I used to love western movies and even now I loved movies like 3:10 to Yuma, so when I got this game I was very excited about it. Thankfully its been living up to the expectation. The game play is a lot of fun, the story line and dialogue are great at keeping you interested and in their cheesiness. Lots of gun fights, and the boss fights include quick draws. I highly recommend it.

There are a few other games coming out this fall that you need to look out for

Finally its no secret that I’ve been pining for a Sony Bravia for a long time now. The problem is now there is a new technology in the LCD market called LED giving us these super slim TVs. Whats a man to do with all these options? Can’t buy a TV now and have it be outdated too quickly. Does one wait for LED to be the norm? Advice!!